About My Practice

My Mission

My mission is to provide services to individual and corporate clients with dignity, inclusion and integrity using evidence-based practices and approaches with openness and transparency.

Through my work, my mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and corporations. My goal is to provide early intervention where I can and to provide repair and restoration of health functioning for those in need of help.

For workplaces, my mission is to provide counseling, consulting, and coaching services that lead to psychological health and safety for all.

My Approach

I believe in open and honest dialogue around the issues of importance to a person or corporation.

I commit to transparency, expertise, and wisdom in the areas I service and to realistic assessments of a situation and possible solutions.

I see my clients as part of a team that we create to find solutions and repair. It is only through dialogue, trust, and problem solving that issues can truly be resolved.

Ethically based interventions, affordable solutions, and expertise combine to create workable solutions.