Harassment Counselling

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Counselling

Exposure to workplace bullying can injure a person severely. Through exposure to one of the most painful experiences for a human being, abuse, exclusion, rejection, and ostracism an employee can develop severe trauma, depression and anxiety. If the organization does not respond with professionalism, support, investigation and repair a sense of betrayal will develop and the wound will become deeper. A sense of institutional betrayal develops and a deeper moral injury will ensue. Employees often cope as long as they can but realize too late the damage that has been done. They often then remove themselves form the work setting and need specialized treatment to regain the ability to return to the workplace.

The following diagram shows the development of injury.

development of psychological injury

Pat has provided treatment to those who have been targeted for workplace bullying and harassment. She has specialized in this area for approximately 25 years. She has developed and been published on treatment protocols for those who have been targeted. Pat uses a variety of techniques to help the targeted person regain their grounding, sense of self and confidence at work. Pat believes that the following process helps targets regain psychological heath.

recovery process